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All About Me Challenge

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I used: ACA_SSClub_0413_Bonus-Nano


The Text says:

Living a Lie

My mother was told she was just short so she stuck out a lot.

She said twins ran in her family and she felt kicking on both sides.

She was told that the baby was just really active.

SURPRISE! There’s another one.

The doctor told her there was 2 sacs so we were fraternal not identical.

All growing up people couldn’t tell the difference.

In high school there were 5 sets of graduating twins all fraternanl.

But on April fool’s day we changed classes and it took over 30 mins before

anyone noticed.

Last year I found a deal on a DNA test so my sister and I took it.

We checked the resutls....


30 years later we found out we were Identical not fraternal.

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Neat story - thanks for sharing. My sister was told that the fertility drug she was taking wouldn't result in multiple births - the triplets graduated from college a few years ago.

Pretty layout - nice job blending the background, too.

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Wow, this is such an interesting story about you, Amber! I love how you journaled in lines of text almost like a poem - you really kept me interested in how it would all turn out. Your photo is lovely and your filigree flowers are so beautifully colored along with your pretty blended background. Such a super layout and thanks so much for for sharing a piece of yourself in the All About Me Challenge.

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Wow, how awesome. I really enjoyed reading this. Love the flowers that you used and the lovely background.

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