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NSD All About Me: I am From

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This was a really powerful creative experience for me. I used a writing exercise based on the poem by George Ella Lyon.

Thanks for the challenge.















I am from mile high mountains

and mile deep mines;

Victorian elegance yielding to verdigris;

Batholithic granite, strong and sturdy;

Copper in my veins; molybdenum in my soul.


I am from do more with less

—it’s more than enough;

Be creative, and use your resources;

Hold your head up--

You are the daughter of a King.


I am from Sourdough pancakes and chokecherry syrup;

Strong morning coffee in bone china mugs;

From beans for dinner,--

and for them’s that don’t like beans, dinner’s over.


I am from a banjo’s song on lilac scent--

Melodically rolling the song of my heart;

Echoing summertime dreams to the Hilands,

still blanketed in cold winter’s snow.


I am from treasures tucked in steamer chests;

Book-lined walls of hard back spines,

Sheltering delicate ethereal dreams;

A rogue’s gallery of likenesses, eyes otherworldly,

hewn likewise of where

I am from.

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Wow, this is really lovely. I enjoyed reading about the Montana Mines and I love the photo that you used. Did you get this from the I am From template? Loved it.

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Ohhhhhh... Jaymee. I am in awe of your page and (almost) speechless. Your journaling is so heartfelt and beautifully descriptive - you have such a wonderful gift with words. I loved reading about you are what you are and where you are from -- you included ALL of the challenges in your page!

Your background is breathtaking and your blending so seamless and gorgeo. I really like your framing of the background and your journaling placement is perfect. I enjoyed reading and looking through the interesting link you provided about the mines - how cool and something I did not know about you -- coming from Montana.

You said here, "This was a really powerful creative experience for me." and I can only answer that it was a really powerful experience for me to read and absorb your lovely work. Thanks for sharing your own personal self in the All About Me Challenge. :)

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How powerful! My daughter teaches creative writing and uses this technique in her classes. She wrote a poem in this style when my mother passed and read it at her service. It was so wonderful. Thanks for sharing your poem. It is lovely, as is your layout.

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Jaymee, this left me breathless. It is beautiful and your poem is amazing! We drove through the Crazies several years ago and it was lovely. I've always wanted to return to that area but haven't made it yet. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work of art!

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