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Project Life 2013 - March 2

One more month to catch up and be current. How did I ever do one of these a week last year? But, here's my March 2 - right side.

Journaling reads:

"Yoga, Watercolor, Reiki, Jesse soccer,

Good friend Terry and Susan

Painted Cloth Hybrid ATCs

Still overwhelmed in Mom's room, Signs of Spring,

Ali home & all Zuckers. Made it to two Seders

Bryn Scarlett"

For this layout I used:

DCA Cupcake Surprise Collection Mini

DCA Pocket Life: Cupcake Surprise

SNU SS Embellishment template 8.5 x 11 Pocket Life

ASO SS Styles - Tools: Glitter Glows 6401

and my own photos

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You sneaked this one by me. I love reading your journaling, and seeing your photos. I love the colors in this layout.

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