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SG Club_5/13_First Day of School 1958

SG Club_5/13_First Day of School 1958

I really enjoyed working with this month's collection from Elisha! I am planning to use it again right away. Thank you, Elisha!

Journaling: John is wearing a rust colored, striped jacket for his first day of 1st grade in September 1958. I am starting 2nd grade in a red plaid dress, pigtails and bows, and have my lunchbox and thermos. Aunt Jackie is headed to the 7th grade and is wearing the popular headband of that year. We wore our regular clothes for the first week and then switched to the hot, serged wool uniforms in week two. The family car is in the background. Mom always took our first day of school picture with her Kodak Brownie camera while we tried to smile as we squinted into the early morning sun.

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    OH - I really like the way you've stacked the cluster frames. The empty frame peeking out from behind is so cleverly placed and adds just that touch of blue to help the flow. I especially like the genius placement of the date on the frame - and the font you've chosen makes it look like it might be the frame on the original photo. So glad you're enjoying the club!
    Great clustering on this layout, Dot, I especially like the stitches extending both up and down, it really draws my eye around the whole page.
    I love the B & W photo and the pretty cluster. The new club is awesome.
    Beautiful layout. The photo looks great. Love your cluster!
    This is adorable! Caught my eye right away.
    Excellent layering and use of the frames! What a neat photo and great sense of flow across the page.
    What a memory and very lovely layout. Everything just works perfectly and I love your clusters and journaling.
    Hooray for journaling! You've done a superb job of telling the story and recording it for posterity (as well as all of us SG'ers!). I like how you've really gotten some great details into your journaling. The LO does a wonderful job of contrasting the B&W photo with the colorful ingredients. They play off each other perfectly. Thanks for sharing!
    I wouldn't even begin to guess how many layers it took to create this masterpiece. And best of all, each layer was masterfully placed!
    I just noticed this -- a few weeks late, LOL. I agree with all the compliments above. It's beautiful and lively and fun. I just wanted to add that, not only was Aunt Jackie's hair band in style, but her charcoal blazer with the pin-stripe was all the rage then, too. I remember my friend Kathy had one and the rest of us girls were SO envious.