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Project Life Week 18 (right side)

Project Life Week 18 (right side)

My maternal grandmother. She's technically not really 90, only 89, but by Chinese tradition she is considered 90 sui. Just one of the crazier things in Chinese culture. My mum still operates in this mindset, even though these days nobody really counts ages this way anymore. It drives me and my brother mad to be considered one year older than we really are, since unlike the olden Chinese who revered age and prized longevity, we would rather prefer to be young. Kekeke!

Peach buns are not really stuffed with peach filling. They are shaped like Chinese peaches, stuffed with a sweet bean paste filling and steamed, and are traditionally served at birthdays and symbolise longevity.

The last line - the Chinese characters translate as "5th of May, change of government" and the Malay words translate as "this is the time... reform/CHANGE!" It's days before Polling Day for the 13th Malaysian General Elections, and hopes are high that the current government would be voted out! (For the rest of the story, keep an eye for next week's layout.)

Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking! =)

    What a beautiful and interesting page. I enjoyed your journaling and notes and reading about all your interesting customs. BTW, my Italian grandfather counted age that way also - he'd say once you turned 89 you were in your 90th year!
    Your photos are great and I like the background you chose. Congratualations to your Grandma and it sure looks like everyone had a great time at the party.
    Beautiful and interesting page. The color is great.
    89 or 90, it is impressive. Happy Birthday to your grandmother. Such a pretty page - love the colors & the house that holds many of your photos. It looks like a great party (and it's not evil - just looking out for your retirement! ha-ha)
    I love learning more about your culture it is so interesting! Great photos!
    I agree with Shannon. Thanks for sharing your culture with those of us who live in other parts of the world. Lovely layout.