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Project Life Week 18 (left side)

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A happening week, as we take a trip midweek up north to the state of Penang, Malaysia, 7 hours away. Neko-chan nearly goes crazy with boredom during the long drive, but strangely enough, the younger Joyjoy is perfectly able to entertain herself in the front seat and never fusses. Well, she is actually slightly socially-handicapped, so this is a great lesson in looking at the positive side of things!


Anyway, at the bottom, the photo of my hubby is supposed to illustrate the 'indelible ink' that every voter is dabbed with on Polling Day to prevent double voting, but it's been widely proven to be rather easily washed off if you know how. (For the rest of the elections story, keep an eye out for next week's layout!)


And just to note, i chose Angie's white background paper with the coloured strips, because those are the colours of the Malaysian national flag. The red hibiscus is Malaysia's national flower. i'm technically not Malaysian, but i've come to call Malaysia home, and the elections have put me in a rather patriotic mood!


Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking!

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So interesting to read about Malaysia. Wonderful idea to use the color's of the flag for your layout. I'm looking forward to seeing next week's layout.

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