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Thurs chlg 09may13: Happy

Thurs chlg 09may13: Happy

When I read the song Andrea mentioned in her challenge I knew what my page would be... that is one of my all time most hated songs!!! And I have been humming it for days now lol!



    Gee, thanks, Jode.... now I'm humming it, too! :P I love your mix of chevrons and stripes and, of course, that glorious sunshine yellow!
    OH HAHAHAHA! Jode and gosh, I agree with Diane. NOW I will be humming this song ALL DAY! Love your journalig and bright colors and especially your word art and background. The lace is such a super touch. WOW, you score again! Lovely page. ("Doo do de do............."!!!!!) :D
    Yeah - thanks, Jody. I never much liked this song, either. But I love your happy, sunshiny page. I also think its the visual equivalent of an oxymoron; is there a word for a happy page about something you hate? If so, this is the perfect example!
    Hey, I like to get my kicks for free! HAHAHA, this LO is hilarious! Only you would think to draw us in to this happiest looking page and then tell us your hated songs! Hilarious! I am loving that happy face and that happy eyelet, and am off to finally put those stenciled letters in my cart. Great work on this ? happy page, Jody! And like everyone else, now that song is in my head!!
    Wow, what a happy page....I think. Doo do do do do dodo doo de doodedoo….Doodedoo de doo…. Posted Image
    Well thanks Jody, now I'm doing it as well. Love the colors and the zig zag journaling.
    How funny Jody! Will you still like me if I tell you I like all of those songs!! LOL! Great job of creating a happy layout about things you hate!
    Jody this is a wonderful page. I love the bright yellow and your journalling is great. If I'm singing this for the rest of the day you are in trouble. Kay