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Took so many pics of Jaymee with all the friends and family - didn't have one of her by herself (planning gone awry) so, photoshop to the rescue. Her high school graduation was on Mother's Day - busy, busy day. Adjusting this to make her gift card for this weekend's celebration.

SNU Picturesque Cluster
STI JIF6 School Lesson Paper
ABR Warm Wishes Border
AFT Life Montage Word Borders
ASO_Styles_Loose Glitter_6401
ASO Styles_Wires6401
SNU DynBrush SprayedPaint6301
ABR CTW Banner-Tan

Details in EXIF

    This is so pretty! did you extract this photo? Great job! She is beautiful. congratulations to all of you.
    What a beautiful layout for a beautiful graduate!
    She's beautiful, Betty -- just look at that smile! And is that the National Honor Society logo I see? Good for her!!
    Beautiful layout. I especially like the contrasted colors, and, of course, your super extraction.
    Look at that smile! How beautiful she is and I think that blue is definitely her color! Excellent extraction of a beautiful photo! Congratulations to her! Fabulous layout, Betty!
    Oh, how lovely Betty and congratulations to your Granddaughter. Gorgeous photo and she looks so radiantly happy. Super extraction and wonderful page and special remembrance.
    She's gorgeous ... just beaming! Congratulations, Betty and all! Great extraction!!!

    Is she standing against a wall or did you extract the photo. I love the word art. Pretty cluster. Really lovely layout.