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What was she thinking?


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What was she thinking?

I'm participating in the Layout A Day challenge. For the month of May participants receive a prompt each day loosely related to the board game "Clue". The clue for Day21 (May21) was "What" (one of Life's Great Mysteries.) As soon as I saw the clue, I knew what kind of layout I'd make. Our favorite restaurant was recently closed because, apparently, the owner had bought a new restaurant and couldn't afford to keep both open. Long story short - we feel the owner made a major mistake and we aren't giving her our business now.

One paper of the layout is not a ScrapGirls design. Everything else came from Syndee Nuckles' Kitchen Chic kit.

    I love your layout! That dish towel-looking paper in Kitchen Chic is one of my favorites and I really like your journaling on the menu card. I'm sorry you lost your diner - she will realize her mistake, probably sooner rather than later if a lot of her regulars follow your example.
    awww, that is sad you lost your favorite diner and that must have been very disappointing. I do like your LO based on the Clue game--Kitchen Chis is a neat collection.