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Trust the Process



Trust the Process

Thought I'd share some of the artwork I've been doing, mostly charcoal. But of course, I had to scrap it! These are about 10x14, so a perfect opportunity to try my new scanner - and it worked great!

Quote reads: Trusting the process is based on the belief that something valuable will emerge when we step into the unknown. Shaun McNiff (from a book I read recently by the same name)

Journaling reads: Taking this art class has brought home the reality that when we do take those next steps into the unknown, things do start to come together in amazing ways. And making art itself is about trusting. In the beginning, itís hard to see but things to come together when you apply the principles. I am learning to see all over again!

Supplies in EXIF. TFL.

    Oh wow!!! When you said you were involved in art classes I didn't know you were so fabulous!!!!! These are amazing.... love the black and white treatment, they just leap off the page... The chalky effect is wonderful too. TFS!!
    Oh my goodness -- Wow! Dianne, you've done beautiful work! The black and white looks fantastic and I love that you scrapped the whole page in black and white as well. Very effective. It's great that you are taking art classes, since you obviously are one talented lady. I hope you scrap more of your work!
    Wow!! stunning layout and beautiful artwork! I love your chalkboard effect too! Well done.
    The black and white is lovely. I love the art. Really great layout.
    oh I love the charcoal! It's always been one of my favorite mediums even tho I haven't done it in ages!
    Yours are beautifully done and I'm so happy you chose to scrap and share them. Truly beautiful!
    Wow. Your artwork is beautiful. Such a wonderful talent! Love that you did a layout about it.