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May Hybrid ATC-Hardware

May Hybrid ATC-Hardware

I spend A LOT of time in the hardware (home improvement) stores!! (as the owner of a construction company...it's part of the gig) I just HAD to use my beautiful purple duct tape! The theme stuck on you came up (thanks to a very dear friend) and then...well, I thought of band aids. So, my items from the hardware store include band aids, duct tape and string!

The irony of it all is that we had to take DS to the ER with a mashed/broken finger just after I sent the ATC out in the mail! I have lots of tape and bandages now!

I used 2 papers from AFT Visionary Collection Biggie-and printed them on card stock
I used SNU ScrapSimple Tools - Shapes: Fancy 6301 and cut the printed paper on my Silhouette
I used AFT Winter White Collection Biggie for the tag, printed and cut out on the Silhouette

    How clever and unfortunately your art is imitating life (or is it the other way 'round?) Love the purple duct tape. I love all the decorator tape they have now - they finally figured out it's not just a guy thing!
    Conda I can't believe this is your first hybrid ATC. Love the theme, duct tape and bandages. Sorry about DS.
    I saw several colors of duct tape the others day- but no purple! I like to look around in hardware stores, too. I like your layout and the theme.
    Conda I just loved your card and can't believe it's your first hybrid. Your ATC is SOOOOOooo creative and I love your use of hardware and most especially purple duct tape! I really like your theme and you executed it so wonderfully. And for as good as this looks posted, it's even better in person and I'm so glad I have one. Thanks for your great work! :)
    This is fabulous, Conda! Love the purple duct tape -- and your whole concept. I giggled at the thought of using band-aids, but I guess that's part of "construction", too. Then I read your note about DS. A mashed finger is hardly funny! (Though I suppose I was right about the band-aids, unfortunately. :( ) I hope he is able to make a full recovery.
    Such a clever card for the first time participating, Conda!! I love the use of duct tape ... but the band-aids are pure genius!!