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ALTA, right page

These three photos are from Grandma's middle age. She was 31 when she married, and Leo was 41; my father, oldest of three arrived three years later. When my aunt gave me these pictures, I was amazed - I'd never seen Grandma with her hair down, and no idea how long it was. And, of course, I remember her hair as gray - she was sixty when I was born, and my memories begin 3-4 years layer. I'm so glad Maxine saved these pictures for us!

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We don't think of our grandparents as ever being anything but old, do we? This is a lovely page and I especially like your cluster with the pearl button.

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More wonderful photos! I just love seeing them and reading your fascinating journaling. I wouldn't be surprised if part of the reason Alta dried her hair in the sun was so that she could have an excuse to just SIT for a few minutes! Beautiful two pages, Jo. Thanks so much for sharing them!

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I can see a resemblance between you & your grandma. The neutral color is perfect and I love the blended background.

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