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These pictures were given to me by my Aunt Maxine, Grandma's youngest daughter. I don't have the original photos; she sent photocopies, six per page, and rather blurry & foggy. I didn't even try to scrap them when I was working on our family heritage album. Several years later, I know a few more tricks, and decided they'd work well in a challenge to use neutral colors. I used HDI_Clarify action and MRE_Photo Basics-sepia (both of which I forgot to add to file info) to make them scrap able.

I was surprised by the content of the pictures. I didn't know that Grandma had been to Niagara Falls (and just noticed the misspelling in the caption!) I'm guessing at the year; Maxine labeled the people, but gave no date. She looks young adult, certainly younger than in the other two photos, but is unlikely to have traveled from Ohio to New York with just two friends before she was 20; of course, relatives might have been on the trip, too. I love the other two pictures, which are dated. Imagine going to a park in long white (or pastel) dresses - and crossing a stream. And those hats!

I'm not sure I'm totally satisfied with the outcome. The placement of the flowers on the right page seems a bit off to me, or maybe they need resizing. And I think I'd like to restore a bit more color to the background; I used hue and saturation adjustment layers to mute Syndee's gorgeous paper. Any suggestions are welcome. TFL!

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Wonderful photos, and you did a fantastic job with the restoration! I'm taking a class next week on photo restoration (at a near-by art college) and I hope my photos turn out as well as these did. The subject matter is great, too. Imagine posing while crossing a stream! I like the neutral background and embellishments, too.

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The sepia works great with these neat photos. Great job rescuing them, too. I kind of liked the flowers in the corner - they work like a clip and frame the photos. Nice job on the blending, too.

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