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Family Picnics - right

In these photos, my mother is a teenager. I wish I could have seen that red Chevy! It was the car in which she learned to drive. What struck me most was the profile of her aunt Lena in the lower photo - she looks exactly like Mother did at a comparable age. Papa (my grandfather, Harold Crips) had tuberculosis of the bone when he was in his 20's, and had part of a bone (I don't know which one) removed, so his left leg was shorter than his right, and often caused pain. He could not get down onto the ground, and carried a chair for picnics.


Journaling: The picnic with the Jeffreys took place in July, 1931, probably in a park in Chicago. Papa took the photo, & had not yet moved to Joliet (or had not yyet built his house.)


Papa’ notes about the lower photo: “#14 was just the four of us in September, 1932, and was the first outing we had had in the new red Chevie sedan. Where in the world do you suppose Mother ever got that hat?” I wonder why Marianna, age 15, wore sandals with heels on a picnic, and what possessed Papa to buy a RED Chevie (his spelling). All the cars I ever knew him to drive were black Lincolns. Again, I

assume this was in Chicago.



The "good times" word art was part of Jen Reed's Reflections of the Heart collection, but in a font that was much scratchier, or more grungy, than I felt worked with the rest of the page, so I redid it. All supplies are in EXIF file.

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Lovely two-page layout! These are wonderful photos. It's great you know who the people are and what was happening so you could preserve the memory.

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