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Family Picnics - left

Family Picnics - left

These photos span eleven years, from 1921 to 1932. My grandfather (called Papa, once I arrived and couldn't say "Grandpa), took the pictures, or had someone hold the camera for those that include him, and developed and printed them. These were printed on a pebbly sort of paper, which made the scanned images quite noisy. Thank goodness for PSE! I did not explain all family tiesin the journaling, since these pages are intended for an album that will include those relationships. For non-family members: Anna Crips is Papa's mother; Lena is his sister. Anita Crips Jeffreys was Papa's first cousin. Karl Putnam and Muggy (Margaret Putnam) were siblings of Mother's mother, Helen; Harry Rick was Muggy's husband, and the twins (the "Dits") were their children.

All of the products use Jen Reeds Reflections of the Heart collection and add-ons, from the SG Club for January 2012. The floral paper is so sunny. appropriate for picnics. The exception is the title, which I copied from Angie Briggs Family Life_Special; I needed to remove the red flower she used, and found it easier to just start over. The layout is scrap lifted from Jan M's LO, here I had four horizontal rectangular photos I wanted to use, none of which lent themselves well to cropping (Papa cropped well in the camera!) Jan's layout gave me the direction I needed. Thanks, Jan!

Journaling: The Crips & Putnam families apparently loved picnics. The top left photo was taken by Papa in June of 1921, at Washington Park, near their Chicago appartment. Marianna had just turned four.

In a letter to his sister, Lena, which was in the back of the album holding these pictures, & twenty others, Papa wrote “This was one of those family picnics which Muggy was always organizing, & occurred in the summer of 1929. Harry Rick is seated with his back to the camera, with the twins on either side, & Marianna and Mother on his right. Patty is
in back of Karl. For some reason I cannot recall, you do not appear in this group.”

I believe that Lena was probably not in the photo because she took it, with Papa’s camera. Patty was the daughter of Anita & Herbert Jeffreys, seated to the right of Karl,, & Harold is in the chair to their right. I think the woman in front of Karl is Muggie, his sister & the organizer of the gathering. Marianna was 12, & the Dits (Margaret & Marilyn, were about 7.

Thanks for looking!

    Wonderful photo beautifully scrapped! I like your emphasis on the photos and journaling, the most important parts of a layout. Jen Reed's collection works well with your pages.
    This is beautiful page, and I love the older photos. Great journaling!
    What a treasure of photos on your two pages! Family picnics are just the best. Love the little cluster of flowers.