David & the grasshopper, V1

I've been playing with Brandy's silhouette technique - without her action, because I don't have PSE11. Jody gave me some pointers on how to achieve similar effects using adjustment layers and blending. My DD took the photo with her cell phone, and I extracted David because the wall behind him was two shades of dark green, with a gold border and a photo, in flesh tones, just behind his cheek - very distracting! This is my first attempt, which seems a little washed out to me. I used the technique Brandy discussed in her video to color the title and distribute the quotes, and used the same fonts. Then I layered the whole composition over a duplicate of the Different Strokes paper to add a border. Version 3 will follow, for comparison (version 2 is much darker - I don't like it much.) I asked DH for an opinion. He thinks the stuff on the front of the shirt is distracting, and I agree, but didn't think to photoshop it out in the photo. And he always lets me know if he can't read something easily; in this case, he thinks "Curious" should be "Curiosity" and in a less fancy font, and that the quotes should be darker. I'd appreciate any input from your collective wisdom!



BMU_Different Strokes_Paper-4;

BMU_Outdoor Life_Paper-Cream;


AWI_SSStyle_BLended 8201-4 (ret) - applied to quotes

Fonts: Scorched Earth, Before the Rain, CK Terzini;

Quotes: Ellen Paar - "The cure for boredom . . ."; "Be curious always . . ." Marcus Aurelius, or Sudie Black, or Abigail Adams (the original credit in my file) - when I looked it up, there were several attributions; I picked the oldest one.

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You have created an awesome LO. You have made this photo into a work of art. Love the quotes and the silhouette and colors are wonderful. Stunning!

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this is fabulous! and the t-shirt design adds to it does not distract. love the quotes and placement. Well balanced and fun to study!

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Jo, you did it!!!! This is super!!! I love David like that, I don't think the t shirt is distracting either but if you were worried you could tone it down a bit by brushing with a blender brush or a similar grungy brush - it won't remove it but will reduce opacity... I prefer this version as it really makes David jump out and the grasshopper is far more visible... You have done such a wonderful job with your gradients and masking and the silhouette is spot on - isn't it fun and easy!?! I used to be so jealous not having the action but this works just as well for me!! And for my 2 cents worth, I love the fonts (I went and got those 2 as well to use on my version!) - and I would like to see them both bigger. Sorry DH :-)

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I love how this looks Jo, it's wonderful. And I don't mind the tshirt design either. Your photo is perfect and I like how you placed the quote around. I think this is gorgeous and for sure I need to check out that technique and Jode's add-on since I only have PSE6!

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