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We are in Autumn now . Seems funny when most of you are enjoying Spring,

I used:

LorieM_EHappiness_dried leaf

    Oops it is really Winter but all the leaves are falling here so I still think it's Autumn. Guess the really cold weather will be here soon. Kay
    I love this Kay, beautiful Autumn/winter siggy.
    Winter here as well. I love your autumn leaves. Pretty siggie.
    Very pretty. It's a gift to be able to see the world from a different perspective - that's something I wouldn't really have had before the Internet. Thank you!
    Kay this is so warm and gorgeous. Don't worry - the Seasons are all mixed up here, too!
    It does seem strange to see an autumn siggie, :huh: but this is a lovely one. I love it!
    Beautiful siggie. Yes, it seems strange to see a fall siggie when we are burning up in summer. :P/>
    Very pretty, Kay. The warm yellow tones are perfect for fall.