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May: 2005


Jacqui Smith

May: 2005

Supplies for "May: 2005" digital scrapbooking layout:

I enjoy using the pageGrids to capture a bundle of photos, like these from a Melbourne trip. They are my go-to for quick and easy page layouts. Melbourne is such a active place to visit, with much more to see and do than you have time for. Watching the movie Robots on the iMax screen was larger than life.

    I love these page grids, too! I really like how they leave room for the background to show -- like your cute clouds. Great way to capture your memories of a family trip!
    love this layout, but then living in Melbourne.... lol

    I was about to say, when did you come down here and not let me know...then I saw it was 2005!! next time you head down here, we will LUNCH!!