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Thurs 6-14-13 Multi Photo Challenge

Thurs 6-14-13 Multi Photo Challenge

A near-by golf course proved to be a rich source of nature photos this week, so the multi-photo challenge gave me a good excuse to scrap some of them. Thanks for a fun challenge! I turned Marlene Peacock's Week 52 Digital Layout Album Template mini around to make it vertical, but that's what templates are for, right? :D

Journaling reads: We spent an enjoyable afternoon at the neighboring golf course looking for birds. We did see birds, but I also snapped some photos of the toadstools that pop up after thunderstorms, some pretty marsh flowers, and a warning sign. Who would be nuts enough to jump off this bridge? The large photo shows where you would land. Though not seen, Iím pretty sure an alligator lives here.

MPE SS Digital Layout Album Template 85x11 Week 52 Mini ;
CRO Woodja Couldja paper special, though the link brings you to the collection.
Lettering Delights Grunge Font

    Love the letters in the title, and the chevron background paper adds movement and excitement to the serene photos. As far as jumping off the bridge -- I can tell you that as a kid growing up in South Florida, we jumped off into all kinds of places we knew there were alligators! Sometimes I wonder how we survived our childhood ;-) Lovely page, brings me back to what it felt like in summertime Florida. Thank you!
    Ciindy's special paper certainly works well with the the nature photos. You captured some great shots. The only thing missing is that alligator!
    Great layout Diane. I really like how you used the template and background - looks perfect. Your journaling made me smile and your photos are lovely. Looks like a peaceful and very pretty walk! :)
    I like how rotated the template! Love your journalling, it makes me smile.
    You have such good bird photos! Great layout and love your journaling.
    Lovely photos and template. I love the alpha and the background paper.