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HNC Quote - ahr stairs!

I went for a saying this week. "Well, ah'll go t' foot of ahr stairs!" is normally used when someone says or does something surprising or unexpected.


Supplies used

Midtown Collection Mini, designed by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin,

Lettering Delights Pookie,

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Oh my goodness, how cute! I had never heard that expression before, so I probably would have done the same thing! ;) Too cute, love the black and white with a pop of color as well. :)

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So funny! That's a new expression to me -- thanks for the explanation. :D

Cute photo! I love the way you picked up the photo colors in your cluster but kept the background neutral. Very effective.

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Great Yorkshire accent you've achieved in your journaling Valerie! It's an expression I've been known to use myself on occasions. Never found the opportunity to say "Eee by gum, there's trooble up't mill" though! Great page!

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I love the use of color on this page, the black and white background with the delicate pattern, then the bold accents highlighting the color picture. I'm making this a favorite!

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