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    Love the way you have split the photo. Colours & blending look great.
    Kay, this is awesome. I love your split photos and the little photo strip at the bottom. The clusters are so pretty. Lovely layout.
    I also love the split photo stack. Outstanding blending and I also like the colors. your cluster and the journaling are just right.
    Great photos. I love the way you used the sliced photo, and the colors you chose are so perfect with them.
    great layout Kay, the colouring of the photo is perfect with the paper and embellishments
    I love your layout! Great creative way to show the old photos so that we can focus in on each person. Lovely background and blending, too.
    A great layout Kay! Stacking your photo gives a lovely creative feature, lovely colours also.
    I love the way you split the photo and then repeated the faces on the bottom! Very clever. The blended background is super.
    Oh, I didn't realize the top three were one photo split up. I like that, nice touch!
    I love the sliced photo Kay - what a good idea. Great use of that little splash of orange.