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Froggie - HNC Quote Challenge

Froggie - HNC Quote Challenge

Just couldn't resist doing a second layout for the quote challenge following a drive down to the coast at the weekend - as you might have gathered the weather isn't exactly summery over here in the UK at the moment!

Driving down to Eastbourne one day,
Daddy noticed some hills shrouded in mist.
When he asked you what had happened
to the hill, you replied “it’s all froggie” !

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    This is so funny. I love the froggies and the stacked photos. Really lovely and fun layout.
    I'm just glad I got time to scrap this before I forgot it - kids come out with the funniest things sometimes!
    :rofl: Kids are great, aren't they? Definitely a fun page, considering the subject matter. I'm sorry summer hasn't found you yet. By the way, I do love the photo; it shows a lot of detail despite the "frog". Clever idea to hang the photo, too. Can you tell I love this page!
    This is funny and I love it. Very cute layout!
    I love this!!! Very clever!
    Wonderful LO! Love the clean look and how you clustered the froggies.