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Wedding Album Cover

Wedding Album Cover

My wedding was almost 8 years ago, but i'm only starting to put together a proper album now. Due to severe budget constraints we had a very DIY wedding - no grand dinner at a hotel ballroom, no studio shots, the photographer was our friend, and i put together the wedding invite and credits slideshow myself. The wedding album then was a sad laminate-and-glue affair, also done by yours truly, and then i never completed work on the 'actual day shots'. Now that i have the resources and drive, i wanna do a complete 40-page album of the entire wedding process. This will likely be the cover.

i'm really quite excited about this project, coz it will be very good practice for what i hope to do as a home business in a few years. =)

Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking. =)

    This is a lovely start to your wedding album! I hope you will share more of the layouts for it.
    I agree with Jan, this is a beautiful start. Good luck.

    What a beautiful page for your album. You were a lovely bride.