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MRE SSDLOT Pocket Plus from June Scrap Simple Club
KSC Ice Cream Dream Crazy Dots
ABR Because of You Alpha
AWI Freehand Painting style

This is one of those "just for fun" layouts that had to be scrapped. While visitng with Amy Flanagan in San Diego, we met for lunch at Balboa Park and then we walked around the park taking photos. What else would Scrapgirls do? Right? We ventured into the Botanical Gardens and decided we should get Amy's daughter to take some shots of us to commemorate our visit, seeing as how the background was very pretty. So I handed my camera to Belle and she started shooting. Soon she was directing us.. Lean left, now lean right, now lean back, now make ugly faces.. and we complied, laughing all the while. Then, suddenly she turned the camera on her self.. and took a SELFIE.. while making an ugly face, but not just any Selfie.. and upside down SELFIE. Now I know that if three older shall we say "ADULTS" think they are having fun, they need to add a 16 year old to the mix to make it even more fun!! We laughed so hard and there was no saying CHEESE! Just instant fun.

    SO CUTE! I love how full of life this one is, and the colors are great. Looks like fun.
    Oh, how funny! I love Belle's sense of humor and I am still laughing at these fabulous funny pics! What a fun layout and I love your composition! Good to see you scrapping again!
    Joy you are so much fun! I love the layout,the composition, your journaling, the fun fun memories of that hilarious afternoon. We laughed so hard! Thanks so much for sharing.
    What a fun page for sure! Your photos are great and your journaling so wonderful I almost feel I am there! I really like the colors and template you used - super work!
    How fun - great idea to put that one photo upside down! Into my favs.
    Just reading your journaling makes me laugh! Beautifully composed page, all the pics are really, really fun. The stitching is the perfect finishing touch.
    I love the photos and the layout. I think you need to send Belle out here to take some of my photos. Maybe she will get my grands in line. Fun layout.

    How fun - great idea to put that one photo upside down! Into my favs.

    She actually took the photo upside down. I didn't turn it that way. Secretly, we all did it after she did, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to post those. LOL
    Lol! What a fun layout!! Looks like you all had a truly wonderful visit!! :D
    I just learned what a selfie is recently! This sure puts a funny spin on it. Great LO.