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Sunny Day

Sunny Day

From the newsletter on 08-07-13.

Journalling reads:
Whilst on holiday with Nonna & Grandpa we visited Arundel Wetland Centre. They had a wonderful little playground that you
enjoyed exploring, with balance beams and slides. They also had a ‘wobble board’ which you decided to try out. You
were some what bemused that the ‘platform’ wobbled and tilted every time you took a step, but you soon got
the hang of it and by the end looked quite like a pro-surfer!

ABR_Falling4U; SNU_SSEmb_PhotoClusters4; EBA_DandelionDays; SNU_SSPaper_CurledTorn; BMU_Countryside_Torn-Kiwi

    I love everything about this layout! I esp love the textured bg paper, the fly aways and butterflies. What a little DARLING!
    This is a beautiful layout. I love those photos of that precious one.
    This is as cute as can be! I like the series of photos, showing the progress. Pretty colors and very nice set up.
    utterly gorgeous! I too love the series of photos and their placement. You were so right to add the last photo bigger!
    Adorable layout! Great texture and super newsletter tip on using the photo cluster.
    Love the white space and the series of photos