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July 8 - Buildings - Mai-Kai

July 8 - Buildings - Mai-Kai

I wanted to do a layout reflecting South Florida's Mid-Century Modern style of architecture. Found this photo/sketch on the internet. It is of the Mai-Kai Polynesian Restaurant. It serves gourmet food and has wonderful shows every night.

Journaling Reads:
One of the oldest Mai-Kai postcards, an illustration of architect Charles McKirahanís early design. (From SwankPad.org). The restaurantís original A-frame on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale was created in 1955 by a master of mid-century architecture, Charles McKirahan, who also designed many other area buildings of the era. The Mai-Kai serves as celebratory temple of vintage Polynesian Pop and is considered the last remaining example of a true mid-century Tiki supper club. Its extensive grounds feature eight themed dining rooms seating nearly 500, a 150-capacity bar/lounge that submerges guests in a sunken ship, a gift shop, lush tropical gardens, and an authentic Polynesian floor show that has run continuously since 1961.


    I love your colour scheme and such a lovely vibrant LO :)
    Fabulous! I can just picture the yummy Polynesian food and drink they probably served back then. I love your tropical colors, too. And that paper umbrella. :D
    Very lovely colors! And what an interesting and different building! Nice job.
    I love the tropical feel of your layout.
    Oh this is so cool and such a pretty use of color and embellishments. I really like how you put your background together and your photo postcard is lovely. Awesome and very interesting page.
    What a delightful surprise to find luscious tropical colors when showing old architecture. Love the title and the torches. Neat LO.
    So modern for 1955. The colors caught my eye immediate. Just gorgeous!
    I love the colours you used, very tropical. That is one place I would love to see. Thanks for joining the challenge.
    This brings back memories! When I was a kid we lived in Margate and every so often we'd drive by this restaurant on Federal Hwy. It seemed to me like the ultimate place to go, but of course my folks wouldn't bring five kids! So when I turned 18 one of the first places I went was to the Mai Kai - and it fulfilled all my expectations. Goodness, that was a long time ago :D/>
    Looks wonderful and how nice that in Florida which is reinventing itself everyday this old building is still in business. Love the bright colors and the neat embellishments. Such interesting journaling, too.