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Annual Parade - 7/10 HNC-EMBs

Annual Parade - 7/10 HNC-EMBs

This event is like being in a Norman Rockwell painting. Journaling reads:

1. Parade opens with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance
2. Ready to collect the tossed candy and treats
3. Fire Dept. leads as loudspeakers play Stars and Stripes Forever
4. Floats, golf-carts, bikes and quads are decorated and riders throw treats to the crowd
5. This man organized event many years ago for the kids. Parade now has dozens of entries
with judges awarding prizes to top three
6. Runners carrying Navy, Army and Marine flags run the 3 mile route.

AFT AbsoBlended
ABR Because Of You
Details in EXIF

    Neat layout to remember your parade. I like the clustering of the photos with the journaling on the sides.
    Love it - what a festive page. I like how you used the stars and the red to frame your photos.
    Looks a great parade and love your embellishments :)
    Ooooh! The stars and stripes grabbed my attention right away - this is an awesome layout about your parade! I've lots of parade pics from here and never known quite how to scrap them! Great pics! Fabulous composition!
    I love the template and the embellishments. Great colors.
    Fabulous layout! Really like how you used the embs and arranged your photos.
    Wonderful page about your sweet parade. I love old fashioned parades. Your arrangement is very good.
    We spent Fourth of July on Cape Cod one year and I could have taken your photos. :lol: Isn't it wonderful to see? I love how you arranged your page especially with the "Big Bang" background. It looks terrific, and so does the rest of the page. I love this!
    This is a glorious page to remember a special event. I really like your photo arrangement; the angled pictures add motion. And I love the bursting stars!
    I remember marching with our high school band in a similar parade - a long time ago. We don't seem to have community events like this anymore - what a loss.
    Fantastic page for celebrating a great set of photos. Well done page.