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Huckleberry: Day 4

Here's Hucks Day 4. So glad everyone is enjoying his adventures, thank you. :)


Journaling Reads:

"Huck was very tired so we had an easy day today. He wanted to go back to the pool and insisted on swimming, but didn’t like the way wet fur felt, so instead he hung out on the lap lane sign and waved to all the swimmers. He was quite the social monkey!

On our way home we stopped at Shop Rite for blueberries. Huck was SO excited because he thought "blueberries" sounded SO much like his name. Hence he decided that today's page should use his full name and not his nickname and made sure to spell it out for me so I'd get it right.... HUCKLEBERRY...

He liked riding in the shopping cart and even tried a few blueberries on the way home. Luckily he was very neat so no stains in the car OR on his purple coat.

Later on, Huckleberry came to Reiki with me and met Scott. He even had is own mini-treatment and liked it so much he decided to make another appointment! :)"


For this layout I used:

SNU SS DLO Templates Blends

BMU Dazzle Collection Mini

ASO SS Styles: Glitter Glows 6401

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OMG I love this Marilyn --- blueberries do seem quite fitting for Huck AND I totally love that he got massage --- kudos to Scott for being such a great sport!

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I love it too!!! What a cheeky boy spelling his name out for you!!! I can see people drowning on their laps as they busily wave a Huck... uh oh. And he seems to be enjoying his relaxing reiki at the end of the day. Spoilt boy!!

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You are definitely spoiling that little monkey, feeding him blueberries and letting him have his own mini Reiki treatment! :lol: Huck looks adorable in all your photos, and I always love reading about his day. Great layout, too. I love the color and pattern combo!

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Oh, how fun! I think Huckleberry might just want to stay with you all the time - you are really spoiling that little monkey! He always looks so cute in your photos and like such a little happy guy having such fun, Marilyn - kind of shows us what a happy person you must be all the time! :) Love seeing your layouts so much!

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Marilyn, there has to be a future for you as a children's story writer! You are so good at it! Great photos and layouts.

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