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Valley Golf



Valley Golf

I made this layout for a One Technique Assignment. Directions for one technique I did on this layout:

One thing I find important when I'm making a digital scrapbook layout is to match the colors in my pictures to the colors in the elements and papers I'm using. If I don't have pictures with matching colors, I always match them in some other way. Let me share a technique I often use. First, I turn my pictures to black and white. For this step, you could use Photoshop's default option (Image> Adjustments> Black and White), but I prefer to work with the non-destructive black-and-white adjustment layer. I play with the options available (using the Green Filter preset within the Black and White Adjustment properties box, because it gives beautiful contrasts). Then if necessary, I adjust the levels (to play with the contrast), and when I feel I'm done, I merge the adjustment layer with the pictures. For this layout, I wanted the pictures to match the cream in the frame. There are several ways to put a color on the pictures, but for these photos, I double- clicked the photo layer, chose Color Overlay from the menu, then selected the cream from the frames with my color picker tool and set the Blending Mode to "Color."

I used Brandy Dudley Murrys Kensington Value Pack for this, it was perfect for these golfing pictures, even though they are not playing 'the real' golf. Kensington Value Pack is available here http://store.scrapgirls.com/p25761.php

    Beautiful page. Thanks for sharing. It looks like the game might be a bit of a cross between croquet and golf.
    You know I always love your photos. Thanks for sharing one of your techniques! I love the elegance you gave to this layout, and I especially like the touches of red with the neutrals. Lovely!
    Just lovely - grouping photos color everything!
    Oh, I love all of your frames and the colors are just fabulous! Your composition is absolutely wonderful!
    It looks very nice. I love those frames and the club border is really cute. Matching the colors like you did gives this an elegant look.
    just gorgeous. love the subtle colours with pop of red.
    Such a rich layout - lots of texture and shape and layering. I really enjoyed your description in the newsletter about colors. It's made me think about coordinating the colors of photos and page more consciously. Thank you
    LOVE how you used the frames. Fantastic page.