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Sat. 7/13 - Quincy Market

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I used:

ASO_SeaGlass_Embl_Ribbon.png (colorized)







TCS_Barefoot_Paper_Peach-Solid.jpg (2 copies)



DCA_BacktotheBasics_Alpha (colorized)

Kristen ITC Semi-Expanded

Rockwell Condensed, Bold Condensed

Created with GIMP

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I think getting lost in Quincy Market sound like a great way to spend your time! :lol: I love your photos and the pretty colors you've used for this layout. Great journaling, too!

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Wow, this is so fun Aggie. Your photos are great and really give the feel of the bustling market. You chose the perfect background - it reminds me of brick. And I really like your photo arrangement and enjoyed your journaling. I'd like to go there sometime! Thanks for the lovely tour. :)

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I guess they found you since you are posting this! ;) I love the yellow frames, they pop next to the background colors! I'm glad you added your great journaling, it tells the story so well! Thanks for participating.

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Oh, how fun. Love the photos - especially the "chipyard." Must go there! Love your orange, lemon and lime sherbet colors, too.

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I was on BetC's page and saw a reference to "The Chipyard" so I had to come look and see what it was! It's a very cute quaint sign and I can see myself getting lost THERE!!! Love the variety in your pictures and how you managed to capture your sisters in there too!! The colours from the challenge add such vibrancy and hustle and bustle just like a market, great call. Really lovely location for a market too, so much to see!!

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