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7/17 HNC -Summer Activities


© Sue Maravelas

7/17  HNC -Summer Activities

All of these photos were taken while we were on vacation last summer, hiking around on the north shore of Lake Superior. Harry posed for picture after picture. The page was made for Fathers' Day, though, so that's what the journaling is about.

After I made this layout for Harry, our computer's hard drive died. Fortunately, I had printed out a copy for him. This page is scanned from the original, so the quality is not as good as usual. I am just happy I have the layout in some form. This page is also a scraplift of some page on the SG site, but I lost all information about it in our computer crash. If you recognize this page, please send me the information so I can credit the original creator of the design.

Harry is an amazing role model. He is a loving husband and wonderful father. He is godly, considerate, faithful and hard-working, a man of integrity and perseverance. I am blessed that he is my husband and the father of our sons. Itís an added bonus that he looks good posing for pictures.

Comfort of Home Collection Biggie by Shalae Tippets

    Wonderful page! So glad you'd printed this and had a copy to scan.
    Great photos and wonderful background colors! I'm so glad you had a copy of this page. :)
    Fun poses == I like the big one where it looks like he's holding up the ship! Nice page
    How fun. I love the photos, and you did a great job with them.
    Such pretty colors you chose to use for your LO. Great photos and wonderful journaling. Great model!
    Wow, this is lovely. I love the top photo and the right hand side one the most. Great arrangement and journaling.
    Oh, so glad you were able to save this. I can imagine how your heart just sank when the HD did a nose dive. The colors on this are incredible and what wonderful journaling. Love how Harry goes to such lengths to give you the perfect shot. You are blessed in marriage (hope that is true for your new HD.)
    I'm so glad you could save this layout! I agree -- Harry is a great model! :D I especially like the photo on the far right. Yikes! Wonderful sentiments and beautiful layout. Thanks so much for sharing!