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Project Life Week 27 (left side)

Project Life Week 27 (left side)

This side is heavy on journalling too:

The kids need some outdoor playtime, but it’s been raining in the mornings and the playground in front of the house is muddy. So what’s a mud-phobic Mummy to do? As we head out to the balcony to hang the kids’ laundry out to dry, Neko-chan brings in a football and we start playing a game. And because none of us are wearing proper shoes, our sandals and slippers keep flying as we kick, which prompts Mummy to call out “flyiiiiing shoe!” each time it happens.
After a few rounds of “flying shoe” and hysterical giggling, Neko-chan names our new game Footshoe. And because playing in the balcony allows the kids to enjoy the benefits of outdoor air and exercise without getting muddy, Footshoe has become part of our afternoon activity repertoire.

Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking!

    I love this. Your layout and journaling are reall great, and I love your game.
    What a cute story - thanks for sharing this. Great pictures and I like those flying shoes.
    Great story that you will all treasure when they grow up. I knew this was one of your LOs as soon as I saw it because of all the pictures. You are a genius at that! Very nice.
    Cute story, I love how you and the kids improvised to get playtime in!