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Project Life Week 28 (left side)

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i shared the photo of the hair cuttings on my facebook, and my friends responded with many stories of their kids, their husbands and even their younger selves doing the same thing... cutting their own hair. One mummy even had a daughter who shaved half of one eyebrow... she looked scary! LOL...


Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking!


Edited to add:

Forgot to explain that all males between a certain age range in Singapore have to take an Individual Physical Proficiency Test every year, to ensure they are operationally ready to serve in the military if need be. (Our armed forces are mainly made of citizen conscripts.) If they pass, they get a little cash bonus. If they fail, however, they are obligated to go back to the army camps for fitness training 3 times a week for a certain number of months, until they manage to pass, or the legally obligated training period concludes. So here hubby is training hard as his IPPT is just round the corner!

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Photo Information for Project Life Week 28 (left side)

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