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Project Life - week 27

Project Life - week 27

The holiday this year, as usual, was all about family, food, and fun! We all got together at Dave’s sister’s down in Coral Gables, and thanks to Scott (“No, my MOM’S potato salad is the best!”) we were engaged in Potato Salad Wars. An informal vote was taken and mine was declared the winner! Woohoo! I tried to get as many family photos as I could, even the silly ones. This year we even had Joelle’s mom and dad there! It’s great having a bigger family since the wedding in May.

We had four generations there:

Grandma Barb
- Dave & Sharon & me
---Scott, Joelle, Jessica & Sarah
---- Tyler & Christian

Joelle’s parents, Debbie & Bill

<-- And Sarah and a minion. ;-)

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    Looks like a wonderful family gathering, my favorite kind.
    Another great family layout, Becky. Wonderful!
    Wonderful pictures --- how fun to have the potato salad war! Great page for Project Life
    Congrats on winning the potato salad war. Looks like a fun day of celebrating.
    Love this week's layout! You were able to get so many pics on one page without it looking crowded. Potato salad is one of my top 5 -- too bad I can't have a taste! Looks like you guys have a fun gathering.
    LOL love the story of the potato salad! The minuon made me laugh too!