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Huck in Vermont (8)

Huck and I are in Vermont helping my Watercolor Teacher with a workshop. He's such a fun adaptable little monkey! :)


Journaling reads:

"Huck helped me pack for a Watercolor Workshop in Vermont and wondered why HE had nothing to go in the suitcase so I gave him a few things to pretend. He enjoyed the car ride and watching the signs go by on the NY Thruway and wanted ice cream at the rest stop but it was way too early so he consoled himself sitting on the sign. He especially liked this bear bench and thought he might be some distant relative. He got so excited spotting the "Welcome to Vermont" sign he fell right over , but he was all right. Huck enjoyed a picnic lunch and when we got to the Inn he tried out the bed in our quaint little room. When class started the next day he checked out my painting things and then sat in the grass near the pretty pond. He's having fun and is such a good little monkey! :)"


For this layout I used:

ABR SS Embellishment: Templates Stack Them 4

BMU Dazzle Collection Biggie

BMU Dynamic Brush Set: Background Blenders

ASO SS Styles Glitter Glows

Photo Information for Huck in Vermont (8)

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:) Oh, Marilyn, Huck is having such a good time with you and I can see that you're having a ball having him around too! Isn't he just the best company? LOVE the composition of your layout and your photos are oh, so cute! Your adventures with Huck always make me smile! I hope Huck doesn't get ahold of one of your paint brushes and get paint on himself - no telling what mischief that little monkey could get into with a paintbrush! :) :)

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I've been following Hucks adventures with you ... you are doing such a great job of capturing pictures and telling the story. Lucky monkey ... what great memories he will have of these adventures :)

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I'm simply loving the fact that I can follow Huck on his adventures. He must be the perfect companion -- sounds like he behaves quite well. Love the adventures you guys get to enjoy together. Great journaling that captures the essence of your trip. Too bad he can't help you set up for painting. Can't wait to see where Huck travels next!

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Such cute photos. Don't know if you realize, but if you'd gotten off at the Thruway exit you show, you'd have been at my work in about 10 minutes. The watercolor workshop sounds like such fun and I'm really enjoying this chapter of Huck's story. Neat choice of background - it looks a little painterly.

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I caught up with you both, you are both so bussssssssssssy. It's wonderful to know that Huck is having a good time, his adventurs are a joy to watch and read in your photo and journal.

I'm already excited about the next adventure! Have fun :)

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