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Journaling: Thiselephant fascinated us. She was standing all alone, sticking her trunk into apipe and sucking up the water. We watched for quite a while before we set offagain. The elephants in the park were really lovely to see.

I don't know if we could put extras in. I was not at the chat. Hope it's okay.

sunglasses- use only solidpapers ABR_OldFriend_Paper_Green

bracelet- Scrap SimplePaper DEB_SSPaper_TrashedEdges2_1

Fudge-use more than one photo 5 Photos

maps- lace AWI_Miracles_Emb_Lace1

pens- tag BMU_GrandeDame_WordArt_Tag-Blank-6

pencils- 3 (or more) sentences of journaling: Done

necklace- stitching - MRE Dyn Brush Machine Stitchand April Bonus style DEB


ABR_Event09_SSDL-AlbSer7_PG2;AFT_Beachcomber2_Emb_Sand; AFT_Beachcomber2_Emb_Twigs; AFT Beachcomber Flower;

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The elephants must have been fascinating to see; thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! I love your page, especially the way you stitched the edges. Great layout!

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Love the photos of the elephants! I like your background, too - kind of has the same feel as the ground in the photos.

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Elephants are so amazing. Great photos. Love your background choices and the way you finished it off with the stitching on the edges.

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Of course it's ok to put in extras! What an amazing sight. Love the stitching around the page and the way you arranged the photos!

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Belle, I just love the white BG you used with the green edge and stitching. All the elements combine so well together. Elephants are such amazing creatures! Beautiful way to showcase your photos.

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I really like this composition and your choice of a light background - it really shows off your photos! Wonderful page!

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