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Staycation fill your shopping cart challenge

Staycation fill your shopping cart challenge

this is what i had in my cart:
Sunglasses, fudge, anklet, postcards, coffeemugs, insulated cup & maps

SNU SS Styles soft color
BMU BeesKnees
BMUss styles soft textures
journaling: In January we went to a model train show in Anaheim.. Before we went in, we had to have a serious conversation about not touching any of the trains or displays. He knew we meant business, and kept his hands behind
his back most of the show

    I love this. That large photo of him with his hands behind his back is priceless. I can just see how much he would have liked to touch.
    I love this page! What a great memory to have scrapbooked and I love the way you composed the page.
    How funny! What a great kid. Love the photo of his hands behind his back. The little ribbon flags are a cute touch.
    I loved reading your journaling and great story to scrap :) love your title and colours used :)
    I love your photos. Whenever we go into a place, I always says, hands behind your back, otherwise the grands just touch everything. Great layout.
    Fantastic layout! I can imagine how tightly he was holding his hands :) Love your color and embellishment choices.
    How sweet is he? I love the big title over the big photo. Great journaling, too!
    Love this so much!

    Awwww it is so hard for him it looks like...What a cutie!!!    GREAT photo!!