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Nature's Bounty - Cherries

Nature's Bounty - Cherries

We planted this cherry tree the summer after we moved into our house. This year, nearly 11 years later, we actually got some cherries on it.

Nature's Bounty Collection Biggie, designed by Jan Ransley
ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Blendability, designed by Syndee Nuckles

    I love the way you did a border with your cherry photo. Love the photos and the frames. I think this one will have to go to my scrap lift file.
    Your page looks really lovely. Such great photos, they're so pretty and the close up of the cherry tree is such a nice touch. Here's to an excellent crop for the next 11 years.

    I also have the Paper Templates Blendability in my stash and haven't used them yet.
    Valerie this is just gorgeous. I love your blending and how awesome having a cherry tree in your garden, I had one growing up and I remember the sweetest cherries only we had to fight with the birds to get them :)
    This is just lovely Valerie. Awesome blending and really pretty Kiahna. I loved seeing her in the NL too! :)
    Beautiful layout! The bright red cherries really pop against the neutral background. 11 years- wow!!!