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Recipe Swap-Elephant Stew

On a recent trip through the Addo Elephant Park, I came across this recipe for elephant stew. (Okay so I really got it of the internet but the other sounded better.)

Not sure if the recipe is big enough to read: Elephant Stew;Rinse and pat dry 1 med to large elephant;Season with:60 buckets salt ;4o buckets coarse black pepper;Add;1500 chopped onions;1 truckload diced potatoes 300 peeled tomatoes (fresh or canned);10 barrels efelephant stock;50 buckets minced garlic;for that specia ltouch of extra flavor add;1 bay leaf;


Don't forget the secret ingredient; 25 smoked Warthogs

Simmer slowly

Feeds 2000 people

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STI_Camp_CollMini_Emb_DutchOven;VRA_DigitalStkrs_CookBook_Garlic; VRA_DigitalStkrs_CookBook_Carrot; VRA_DigitalStkrs_CookBook_Potato ;SBA BasicShadows

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Heehee! Oh Belle this is GREAT! I love your photo and the recipe made me laugh. And, now I am off to find an elephant! :D (well.... maybe not.)

Wonderful recipe.

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Wondered what to do with the 25 leftover warthogs I had! Phew, lucky I spied this! What a crack up you are Belle, lovely page!!!

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ah Hah!! So THAT's why my elephant stew never tastes as good as it should. I didn't know about the 1 bay leaf. Thanks for the recipe. Now I can feed the 2000 people who are stopping by this weekend!


This is a hoot, Belle. And a lovely recipe card.

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Belle, how did you know I've been looking for an elephant stew recipe? Thanks! Would you like to drop by next week for dinner? Love your card, and you are a hoot!

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Oh, Belle, this is hysterical! I love it. I like the simple two color background and the assortment of veggies is a really nice touch.

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