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Over 30 years ago, I purchased this lovely photo of a little girl in a Wisconsin flea market. She's been in my life so long that she feels like a family member! Have always wondered about her life & how she ended up in an antique dealer's booth.




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What a beautiful photo to have. I found one of a baby from way back when at a yard sale. I had to get it, too, as it spoke to my heart. So I know what you mean about this photo. Your layout is beautiful.

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I never understand how people can sell or toss out old family photos. We inherited a bunch of unidentified photos from my husband's family, but I scanned and posted them online and have almost identified them all. They are treasures to us! The little girl in your photo looks so sweet. Looks like she's holding a flower, maybe a rose, since you've decorated the page with roses. Love the title and the background and the repeat of the photo (just her little feet!) at the top. So precious!

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