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But is it art?

But is it art?

OK, so I went a little nuts on this one...I'll get another one done that isn't quite so silly. Just couldn't resist.

Supplies in EXIF properties.

    I find this very intriguing and kinda cool, Ann! I like your photo treatment and soft, pastel background and your blending is gorgeous. And, as to the age-old question, who knows? Very thought provoking and pretty, I really didn't find your ATC silly at all. :)
    I think it's a great card Ann! I love the blended background and different fonts. I really like the musical symbols and metallics too. Nicely done!
    Oh, YES - it's Art and it's ART! What fun!
    Love the tongue in cheek play on words. And yes, this is definitely art (good art) on both meanings.
    Yes, that's Art.

    Great blending work and I like the musical notes you added.
    Ouch! I get the pun. Neat technique on the portrait and I really like those metallic touches.
    It certainly looks like Art to me. But where's Simon? :lol:

    Great page and I love the blending that you did. Also love those musical notes, alphas and colors you used.
    Love this!! Too funny, Ann. And beautifully... um... arfully done as well.
    :giggle_bear: :giggle_bear: :going-crazy: :going-crazy: LOVE your sense of humor, Ann! Your ATC is priceless and I love it!