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What does E = mc2 mean? Art Journal chalk 8/1/13

What does E = mc2 mean?  Art Journal chalk 8/1/13

I was going to skip this challenge. I don't keep a journal - never have. And I don't often "paint" a page. When I scrap a quote or poem, it tends to look like a poster. And then this morning I read the Beakman & Jax panel in the Sunday funnies (the Washington Post delivers all the Sunday supplements on Saturday.) A child had asked "What does E = mc2 mean". Jax (Joc Church) gave his usual clear explanation, tailored for elementary age kids to understand. And at the bottom, upside down as it always is, was his addendum - the answer on my page. He identified the author only as "an artist friend." I love the concept, and immediately pictured dancing squares of colors. So here it is - not quite a poster! And it was FUN!

All the designers & collections are listed in the EXIF file, but not all the individual papers - there are 28 of them, not including the background!

    This caught my eye in the gallery. All those coloured squares look fun and a good quote to use. Did you create your own word art?... it looks great.
    Oh, this is so fun! What a great way to incorporate art journaling into your own style! :)
    How cool! I love the answer to that quote!! Very creative LO on your part!
    Clever, original, and beautiful! I love the whole concept!
    Wow, this is so cool, Jo. I like your interpretationa nd I really like the bright colors and how you used them. Your word art is great and I enjoyed reading your explanation. I really like your pretty musical background too and thanks for adding a piece of creative YOU to the Thursday Challenge! :)
    Oh how fun and pretty! Great job with the beautiful background papers - the musical score and blended papers. The colorful squares are so creative and what a wonderful way to commemorate that quote!
    As a science teacher this must have been a stretch for you!!! I was looking at the title and wondering how you came up with this page from E=mc squared... but the answer had me laughing, energy is definitely a product of music and colour!! Isn't it great to break away from the usual?? I love that you chose to do this not only in your style but also in what you know...
    Very creative and what a cool layout - love the colorful squares and the placement of them! Such a different format from your usual, but i love it! Great layout!
    Wow, wonderful. I love all the squares and the quotes. When I saw all the squares, I just had to look at this layout first. Well done.
    Oh wow! I agree with everyone on this page. Into my favs. Well done... (XYZ belongs in the alphabet, not math.. According to me, never understood it.)