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What does E = mc2 mean? Art Journal chalk 8/1/13

What does E = mc2 mean?  Art Journal chalk 8/1/13

I was going to skip this challenge. I don't keep a journal - never have. And I don't often "paint" a page. When I scrap a quote or poem, it tends to look like a poster. And then this morning I read the Beakman & Jax panel in the Sunday funnies (the Washington Post delivers all the Sunday supplements on Saturday.) A child had asked "What does E = mc2 mean". Jax (Joc Church) gave his usual clear explanation, tailored for elementary age kids to understand. And at the bottom, upside down as it always is, was his addendum - the answer on my page. He identified the author only as "an artist friend." I love the concept, and immediately pictured dancing squares of colors. So here it is - not quite a poster! And it was FUN!

All the designers & collections are listed in the EXIF file, but not all the individual papers - there are 28 of them, not including the background!

    Lovely, Jo! This is such an eye-catching page. Love the rich background and the dancing squares of color. The music on the background is perfect with your quote, too.
    I also love all the squares which immediately caught my eye in the forum, love the colors and your quote, brilliant.
    Love what yuo did with the word colors and the sparkle in your musical notes. Beautiful ATC!:)
    What can I say about your layout that the others didn't? Love the story you read in the Post. TFS. Love the rich BG you chose to use with the quote. I had to study each of the dancing squares -- they're beautiful! Very creative, Jo.
    This is very cool. The dancing squares and the quote are perfect!
    Awesome layout!!! :)