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Monday Challenge 8/19. Trash Can Tulle

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Ah yes, trash can tulle. Hubster is still shaking his head over that one, but I have a huge pile of tulle on the couch still, so.. there!


















The text says:


Brian and I had headed out to one of our favorite parts, Indian Camp Creek Park near Wentzville, Missouri. We noticed that a wedding was setting up at the lakeside gazebo. It wasn’t an issue, since the fishing area was tucked on the other side of the lake. As Brian fished and I sat in my folding chair, I watched the wedding. I mean, I didn’t have anything else to do. As they broke down the decor, I watched a woman take these HUGE lengths of tulle, wad them up and put them in the trash can. Brian said “you’re not going to go get that are you?” “Yep!” I replied with a smile. I waited for them to leave and them marched over to get my treasure. The trash can was mostly empty ahd had a clean linter. The tulle was on top and it was CLEAN. I marched back to where Brian was fishing and he shook his head “you are so embarrasing” he sighed. HELLO! I got a ton of free tulle! I mean, a TON I filed my folding chair up with it and couldn’t even fold the chair at all and carried it all back to the car that way! I would call that a huge win.

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Lovely layout. I love the placement of your photos. The large photo is really lovely. I like the paper strip separating the photos.

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Being a sewing fanatic I would have the same, LOL I wouldn't have been able to resist.

Love your LO, I love your photos and the way you used them in your page.

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