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About A Boy


©2013 Jennifer Ziegler

About A Boy

Scuffed Collection

Journaling says:
Even though you are totally into video games and screen time, you really enjoy being outside. One of your favorite places is Great Don and Gramma Josie’s Farm. You often say you love the woods because it is so quiet and peaceful. And when you are outside you never ask to go back inside to watch TV or play on my nook. I don’t think you’d ever give up technology, but you never fight a trip to the woods!

    Very cool colors and I love the star on the swirly string. Nice page!
    I love the combination of dots and stripes. Lovely embellishments. Great photo and journaling.
    Sweet photo; I love the expression on his face. Lovely layout and great "boy" colors. I love the dots!
    Love this layout. Great colorful background and a great photo. He looks so comfortable sitting there amidst leaves and grass. The gears and the alpha title were great additions to the layout. Your journaling is wonderful.