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Frola Family 1932

Frola Family 1932

ABR_Falling for you collection

The little girl is my grandmother. She was 7 years old. She is with her parents and sisters.

    Such an amazing photo to have in your collection. I really like your addition of the bright and pretty cluster and your background is fantastic.
    Wow. What a fantastic photo to have. Love the background paper you used and the frame. Lovely page.

    What a great photo of your grandmother and her family! I can't tell, but it looks like she might have a little smile on her face. The rest of her family look a bit suspicious of something going on off to the side, :). I think it's beautifully framed and embellished - the Falling for You Collection looks great here. What beautiful Polish names your family had - I especially like Aniela. Wonderful heritage page!