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AJ Senses: Eau Kokoda

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My first attempt at an art journal. Every time I smell Christian Dior's Eau Sauvage, I'm immediately taken back to party nights in Kokoda.


Border: Wells Collection


DEB_SSStyles Gold 501_12


Font Sanvito Pro

Font: Renaissance

Font: Roman Eleven

Gruau Man copy



Tangie_Sunshine Lemon



© & Eden 2013

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Wow, this is fantastic. I LOVE the fonts that you used as well as the gold color. The perfume bottle and clusters are really pretty. Lovely background color. In fact, everything is just perfect.

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I knew this was yours as soon as I saw Kokoda!!! What a wonderful memory and word association also! It seems to 'fit'. Your page is so beautiful and evocative... the tapas cloth and the National man silhouette are wonderful touches and I like the perfume bottle (??) with it's gold... The stars also have a Southern Cross feel to them which of course we share with PNG - wonderful details that were a joy to discover :-). Please keep Art Journalling!!!

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Ohhhhh.. Eden I am in awe of the "feel" of your page. I am glad Jode explained all the Aussie symbols, but even if I didn't know them exactly I certainly "get" the feel of a magical, summer night party. Your background is gorgeously blended and arranged and I love the dark, rich colors you used. You placed so many beautiful symbols, word and art around the page I am having a wonderful time browsing through it all. You made an awesome page to represent your sense memory and wow for your very first AJ page! Super page and thanks for sharing and adding your own personal sense memory and beautiful creation to the Thursday Art Journaling Challenge :)

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Ohhhhh indeed! This is gorgeous, Eden. Your combination of colors and patterns create a wonderful, exotic feel. And the list of ingredients links us to the tropical scents, of perfume and jungle. Outstanding!

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This is absolutely stunning. I just love all the colors and embellishments that you used. The lemon branch is just lovely and the butterfly is beautiful. The silhouette of the man is just wonderful. Everything is gorgeous.

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