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Color Challenge 8/24. Iris Garden

Color Challenge 8/24. Iris Garden

This is yet another part of the St Louis Botanical gardens, the iris garden. I have tons of closeups I also need to scrap. I swear, I could make an entire album of just iris photos. :)

The text on the bottom says "St Louis Botanical Gardens, 5/17/13




    Beautiful photos. I love the template and your alpha. Your work is really beautiful.
    Irises are a favourite of mine. Love your layout.
    Wow, I know what you mean Heather. We have a gorgeous Iris Garden around here and each year I come away with LOADS of photos! Yours are so pretty and I like how you arranged them and showed us so many. Great use of color and I especially like how you "tied" one pic with a pretty ribbon and bow. :)
    Oh I wish I could go there!!!! I love irises too! You have such a great collection of photos and I love that you fit so many for us to see... the frame is perfect and I like the mix of fonts. Lovely BG paper too, great mixture.
    Irises are one of my favorite flowers. It brings back memories of my childhood. It seemed that almost everyone who had a garden had Irises. My grandmother had purple Irises in her front and backyard gardens.

    Your photos are lovely and I like how you laid them out. Great alpha for your title. I love Botanical Gardens.
    Well, if you decide to make an entire album of irises, please share them with me! Love them -- growing up, my granny and my mom had hundreds of irises (and we got to weed those iris beds-ugh!) Never truly appreciated those flowers until I got older. Your photos are terrific - the color varieties are beautiful. Your pink "Garden" pulled some of that color from the photos and I really like your wood chip "Iris" title. Beautiful work.
    LOL about the iris album. I can understand -- each photo is so lovely. Go for it!

    I love your page -- beautiful photos and background.
    Thank you everyone. I think I forgot to put in the "info" that the alpha was part of a scrapgirls set I bought that I think is called winter white. The background papers I used are also from that set :)

    My mother and law and I spent so much time in the iris garden taking closeups, that Hubster and his dad just found a spot and sat down to wait!
    Very pretty photos, I love the alpha tiles you used!