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Thurs 8/22_Art Journal Challenge_Senses

Thurs 8/22_Art Journal Challenge_Senses

Loved this challenge, Marilyn! I am happy that "...nothing is wrong." For me, all I have to do is smell the new fabrics coming in to the shops to be taken back to my childhood and visiting Levine's Fabric Store in the Levittown Shopping Center with my Mom. She would go off in search of the perfect fabric while I stood in line at the Pattern Counter, waiting for someone to be finished with the single version of the Vogue, Butterick, Simplicity or McCall's Pattern Book. We always entered through the back door of the shop, where the smell of formaldehyde was strongest, LOL. I especially loved this time of year with the wools and plaids and houndstooth fabrics for new pleated and A-line skirts, but also loved to wander and look at the fancy goods and dream of the future. The little girl is looking in from outside the doors, and the shadowed girl is the excited me running in! It's also the current me looking back in time and remembering that feeling.

Lots of fun to do this! The LO is about my 500th iteration of the page, and when I flattened the Photoshop version I lost a lot of the depth and the "dew drops" on the web (I had used a dissolve blending mode on it and it looked sparkly before I made it a jpg.) If anyone knows how to correct these things I would love to hear. I did run an unsharp mask and also used level adjustments to "bring back" the depth a little, to draw you into the scene behind the doors. It helped a bit.

    This page caught my eye right away and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you've done to create the layout. The embellishments are just perfect! I particularly like the varied fonts and the words you chose to use. I LOVE the "Things I want to remember" card depicting you with another girl looking in, and the heart embellishments scattered around. Great use of color too. The entire page is just so sweet - I love all of it! I'll certainly be adding it to my favorites. :)
    Oh wow.... I think this is so wonderful!!! I can remember doing a similar thing where mum let us pick out the pattern of something she would make us and then looking around for just the right fabric... what a wonderful memory to scrap!! I love how you gave us the idea of peeking through the doors- it gives such a magical feel to the page and a wonderful sense of time and distance... the words are perfect and I especially love the houndstooth you used on 'houndstooth' and the little ladies who look like they stepped straight out a a pattern book... I can't help with the technical stuff but I still get the feel of the dew and the depth, you did a super amazing job! Love it.
    Oh, Dot, this is lovely! I LOVE your background and how you put it together as a door and I really like the soft beiges you used on your page. SUPER use of special words, art and symbols to depict your special sense memory - I've been in those old pattern/fabric stores and I can almost smell and FEEL it all looking through your page. Super use of color value to give such depth to your layout and I really like the little girls - that shadowed one DOES look so excited in anticipation. So glad you had fun making this page - I had a blast visiting through all corners of it. Super page and thanks for sharing and adding your own personal sense memory and beautiful creation to the Thursday Art Journaling Challenge :)
    Dot, this is an awesome page!
    I'm sure part of the reason I like it so much is it brings back memories of my youth: sewing clothes for myself and earning ribbons in 4-H. (Wow, does anyone even do that anymore?) For years I made all of my own clothing and I love fabric stores and pattern books. I like how you used the photos of the different kinds of fabrics and lace, and the monochromatic color scheme with just a touch of pink. Very creative. Just pretty!
    Dot, this layout immediately tugged at my heart. My grandmother taught me how to sew Barbie clothes when I was in 4th grade. You captured my own childhood memories where a trip to the fabric store was always a wonderful adventure. I felt like a kid in a candy store when I was looking through those pattern books and dreaming about the outfits I was going to sew. I loved everything about sewing all the way from looking for the right pattern, searching for the perfect fabric and notions, and finally taking pride in a well-made outfit. Everything about this layout is outstanding. I love how you used the little girls to demonstrate your excitement then and now. You did an amazing job adding so much texture to the neutral color palette with lace, hounds tooth, the stitching around formaldehyde, dots, checks, and the perfectly placed spider web. Thanks for the memories! Kathy
    OOPS! Don't know why my comment posted 3 times. Sorry. If anyone knows how to remove the extras, please let me know. thanks

    OOPS! Don't know why my comment posted 3 times. Sorry. If anyone knows how to remove the extras, please let me know. thanks

    I deleted the extra posts for you. :)
    Thank you!!!!
    Everything about this is super appealing - the monochromatic scheme, the symbolism, everything. Wow! Great work!
    Dot, this is just fabulous and so you! I love the monochromatic theme and oh, your embellishments are just wonderful - your blending is perfect and I love all of the fonts you've incorporated into your layout. The textures, the colors - I love everything about this layout - but I'm not surprised - I knew your art journaling would be awesome! It's wonderful, Dot!