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Belle's Daughters: August 2013

I had a lots of fun doing this one of Belle's daughters Lizelle and Nedelene and her daughter in law Annellie. Thank you for the inspiration Belle!




BMU_SSPaper BG Blender-4 - 2


Font: Respective



Canstock Heart

Dragon-eyed-one Rose Brush

SNU_Picturesque Heat Charm.

Photos: Meyer Collection


© & Eden 2013

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How elegant! Simply gorgeous and Belle will just love this! What a creative idea to put those lovely pics on a strand of pearls! Outstanding!

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Gorgeous, Eden! I love the pearls and charms! The lace is a perfect touch! Thanks for joining the swap this month!

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Oh my! When I saw this in the Forum, I thought, how absolutely beautiful. Then I opened it and saw it was mine, I got tears in my eyes. It's just that beautiful. It is stunning, it is elegant, it is wow. Just wow. Thank you so much. Wow, it's awesome.

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This is gorgeous, Eden! I love the wonderfully romantic look of the page and the deep colors contrasted with the pearls. I understand Belle's reaction to it -- it's beautiful.

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Unbelievable! Belle, I know you were thrilled to see this LO!! Eden, you did a spectacular job on this. How clever to "hang" the photo charms from the pearl necklace. The BG is awesome--using a fine pedestal for the pearl necklace with lace borders speaks to things Belle holds precious--her girls!

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Oh this is lovely Eden. What a wonderfully creative idea to put those special ladies in those hears - it's awesome and the quote is just perfect.

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